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Family Law

In the 1970’s the Legislature of the State of California decided to make this state a “no fault” divorce state, changing the name of “divorce” to “dissolution of marriage” and allowing the grounds for dissolution to be “irreconcilable differences” on only one party.  This eliminated the need to show “cause” for the breach of the marital contract and opened the door for petitions to dissolve marriages based on personal stated differences that are irreconcilable.  


In 34 years of practice, I have handled all kinds of marital dissolution actions and the court views these matters akin to dissolution of a unique type of partnership; it is a process of characterizing, valuing and dividing assets and liabilities; it also involves child custody, support and spousal support.


I will assist my client through the process, advocate their rights under law and help them move on to a new life.  

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